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Modular UAV

The unmanned autogyro TF-G1 is a universal carrier for measuring instruments and other devices. It features great efficiency, excellent flight characteristics, and easy maintenance. The use of modern technologies enables highly customizable construction.

Bad weather is not a problem. Thoughtful construction details and a careful choice of materials ensure good resistance to rain and snow, making TF-G1 an ideal option for rescue services and weather researchers.

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Training UAV

TF-G2 series autogyro is the smallest in our offering. It is a good fit for missions involving light payloads and reaching lower altitudes. TF-G2 also serves as a training tool for pilots before they are ready to step up to larger autogyros.

This smaller autogyro carries standard ThunderFly on-board equipment, and can be used to try out flight operations and emergency procedures safely and at low cost. After mastering TF-G2, flying with larger autogyros will be a piece of cake.

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For development and validation of changes, we employ our simulation model, which allows us to test our products in comprehensive flight scenarios. This way we can optimize performance and customize components around your needs without affecting flight parameters.

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