Industry-leading technologies

Aerospace grade certified materials

For parts subject to high stress, we use aerospace-grade aluminum alloys and composite materials, guaranteeing long life and exceptional durability.

High-grade aluminum alloys used for all stressed parts
Easy customization thanks to the use of 3D printing technology

Additive manufacturing

One of the strongest advantages of our unmanned carriers is their easy customization. The use of 3D printing technology makes it both fast and simple to modify components and adapt our products to meet our customer’s needs.

Precision component design

All mechanical parts of the autogyro are designed with an emphasis on durability. Our established processes are designed to reveal potential weaknesses in the early stages of system development.

All structural elements are uniquely designed to rule out potential weaknesses
Advanced method to detect fatigue cracks

Quality assurance

We take safety seriously. Regular inspections and rigorous processes ensure reliable detection of hidden defects and fatigue of materials.

Open-source solution

The technical documentation and code underlying our products is released under an open-source license. We are proud participants in the open-source ecosystem. This approach gives our products wide-ranging compatibility and enables the support of a broad scope of auxiliary devices.

Documentation and code released open-source

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