Autogyro drone in flight


Knowledge of the weather and atmospheric state is important for many fields including research and industrial areas. Our product makes it possible to perform in-situ atmospheric measurements even in worsened weather conditions. The measuring system we are presenting includes an unmanned autogyro equipped with suitable measurement devices and a ground station ensuring its easy control during flight. A set of sensors placed on the UAV can be chosen by a customer.

Our innovative algorithm of planning the optimal coverage of the measured area based on the discovered inhomogeneities or other important parameters (defined by the flight planner) together with the Galileo technology enables to shorten the time of the measurement and thus to reduce the costs and risks connected with measuring in adverse or rapidly changing conditions.

Supported Airframes
Autogyro, MC, FW
Transport protocol
Navigational system
Measurement processing

Flight parameters
and key features:

  • / Measurements for a variety of atmospheric quantities (solid particles, radiation, gases, contamination, temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • / Innovative algorithm of planning the optimal coverage
  • / Use of Galileo technology
  • / Data transfer via drone control telemetry link (MAVLink)
  • / Fast area scanning speed
  • / Automatic flight support
  • / Launch from hand or a car roof
  • / Easy optimization of flight parameters
  • / Predictable behavior in flight
  • / Wind gust resistance
  • / Available for multiple platforms: autogyro, multicopter, fixed-wing

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MyGaliloDrone - 3rd place

The TF-ATMON project participated in the MyGalileoDrone competition, where we won third place. MyGalieoDrone competition certificate You can read more about our participation in the press release (english), Czech version. Graphical attachement is here.

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