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Unmanned aerial vehicles designed for adverse weather conditions

ThunderFly is a Czech company specializing in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles designed to operate in unfavorable weather conditions. Our flagship product is a modifiable open-source autogyro carrier with excellent stability in any weather. This can prove especially useful for researchers and rescue teams, though the autogyro’s modular design allows for nearly universal use across a wide range of applications.

The Autogyro – A Universal Aircraft

Emergency unpowered autorotation mode

System design emphasizes safety and easy maintenance

Electric drive ensures reliable operation

Redundant control surfaces

The autogyro is a type of rotorcraft similar to a helicopter. Unlike a helicopter, an autogyro’s rotor is unpowered. Instead, an autogyro is provided with an engine-driven propeller. It is the forward thrust of the propeller with its accompanying airflow that spins up the main rotor, which in turn generates lift. This arrangement significantly simplifies the construction of the rotor and lowers the demands for maintenance.

The autogyro combines the benefits of an airplane and a helicopter. It is capable of very slow flight while preserving high maneuverability. However, it cannot hover in the air.

Key properties

Minimal downwash during flight

No problems with dust downwash

High descent and ascent speeds

Wide range
of vertical speed

Stable and safe autorotation during the whole flight

Stable unpowered autorotation mode

Possible to land on short runway or small area

Short takeoff and landing distance

Stable flight inherent in the system design

Inherently stable construction

Excellent resistance to wind gusts

Resistance to
wind gusts

Versatile use in a wide range of conditions

Our autogyro is designed to operate in tough conditions including rain, snow, and strong winds, which makes it an ideal tool for rescue services and weather researchers. It can be used for accessing difficult terrain and performing measurements in storm clouds. Other applications include monitoring of distribution networks, security surveillance, transportation of goods and materials, and more.

The TF-G1 is designed to withstand thunderstorms
The Autogyro’s modular design allows for various payloads and ground control stations

A unique solution tailored
to your needs and budget

Our team of experts is always ready to offer a customized solution for you. We design, develop, and manufacture all of our products in-house. The modular nature of our autogyro, in combination with modern fabrication methods, allows us to respond quickly to your specific needs.

TF - G1

Modular UAV

The unmanned autogyro TF-G1 is a universal carrier for measuring instruments and other devices. It features great efficiency, excellent flight characteristics, and easy maintenance. The use of modern technologies enables highly customizable construction.

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